Here’s Your Easy Guide For Visiting Bromont, Quebec

Located at the foot of largest lit skiing area in North America, Bromont is a surprising destination, just 45 minutes away from Montreal. Bromont is often seen as a place for the adventure seeker, but if you are planning an escapade en famille, it has some interesting options. In this post, we are discussing the things you can enjoy here in Bromont.

Start with hiking and mountain biking

You cannot come to Bromont and miss hiking. With over 100 kms of free trails, Bromont offers something for every age group. The trails can be further divided into five segments – Mountain network, Mount Oak network, Villageois network, Mount Berthier network, Gale lake network. It depends on your interests, but some of the trails along Gale lake network are pretty family friendly. If you are fond of mountain biking, you can head to either the National Cycling Center or The Mount Oak Network. There are free push bikes, just in case you want to take the toddlers along. Keep in mind that the weekends are usually pretty busy, so you may want to explore the weekdays too, especially around the fall.

Make time for Ski Bromont

Skiing is one of the must-experience things in Bromont, and you have to visit Ski Bromont. Ski Bromont attracts thousands of tourists all through the year, and you can try everything like water slides and downhill skiing. There is also scope for mountain biking, and when the weather is nice, you can also choose to attend equestrian events that are organized occasionally.

Head to BALNEA

BALNEA Spa is the largest “bathhouse” resort in the entire Quebec and is a great place to be on a honeymoon. It’s located close to Lac Gale, on a mountainside, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and private natural reserve.  BALNEA Spa offers a mix of relaxation and spa experiences that are influenced by international trends. The food here is equally interesting, and close to the lake, you can take part take in activities like Yoga and hiking. BALNEA Spa should be on your list if you are visiting Bromont with the family or need some me-time.

If you are new to Bromont, don’t forget to book your tickets and hotels in advance. This place in Quebec feels different in every season, so expect to get surprised, even if you have been here many times in the past.

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